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The Paulus, Abed Pour & Partner practice builds on the solid foundation laid by the Dutch dentist couple de Jongs: In 1987, Swan-Ing de Jong-Goei and Peter de Jong opened their joint dental practices, which were incredibly advanced for the era, along with an in-house dental lab in the Vohwinkel district of Wuppertal. Their practice won people over above all through excellent organisation and seamlessly functioning, quality management. In 1999, the de Jongs expanded their dental practice, adding an orthodontics practice in the same building. Over the years, they managed to establish an excellent reputation in the Vohwinkel district as “Practice de Jong”. After the de Jongs decided to give up their activities in their Vohwinkel practice for personal reasons, they quickly agreed that Alexander Paulus and Dr Ali Abed Pour would be their ideal heirs.

Alexander Paulus and Dr Ali Abed Pour met while studying dentistry at the University of Freiburg, and they were already drafting plans for their own, collaboratively run practice while they were working as employed dentists in Bielefeld. In January 2003, they finally took over the well-established "de Jong" practice. This was a smooth, non-invasive takeover: The de Jongs kept on working at the practice for some time, while the existing employees were all offered new contracts. Step by step, Alexander Paulus and Dr Ali Abed Pour improved the practice concept, further expanding the range of treatments offered at the practice. For example, Ms Dr Christa Mende, a specialist dentist in orthodontics joined the joint practice as a partner, in order to further improve the range of orthodontic treatments. After the initial successful years, with many satisfied customers, the inhabitants of Vohwinkel got used to and accepted the transformation from "Practice de Jong" to "Practice Paulus, Abed Pour & Partner".

From the very beginning, Alexander Paulus and Dr Ali Abed Pour strived to meet two main objectives with their practice: First, they wanted to create a practice that offered a range of services for the entire family. Grandparents and grandchildren alike: Everyone should feel right at home at the practice thanks to age-appropriate treatment options. Second, they also wanted to offer the entire range of dentistry treatments available. Expertise stemming from all areas of dentistry should be united under one roof, allowing for the complete treatment of all dental problems within the practice – bar several exceptional cases. Patients can then be treated without further referrals.

The regulatory authority made changes to the laws on statutory health insurance dentists in 2007. These changes made it possible, for the first time, for statutory health insurance dentists in joint practices to practice their profession at more than one location. Alexander Paulus and Dr Ali Abed Pour decided to use their successful concept to expand their joint practice, thus adding two new locations: In 2008, they took over the long-established dental practice of Dr Giedinghagen at the Karpendeller Weg in Mettmann. This was followed in 2010 by the renowned Flosbach/Bonn-Hager practice in the Ufergarten in Solingen. Here too, all existing employees were offered contracts, and the dentists that worked at the old practice continued their activities, allowing for a smooth transition. At the practice in Solingen, Dr Kourosh Norouzi was added as a further partner, bringing along his specialised expertise in prosthetic care and geriatric dentistry. At the Mettmann and Solingen locations, the joint practice also operates under the name DIE ZAHNÄRZTE (The Dentists).

Today, the joint practice of Paulus, Abed Pour, and Partner offers highly competent and well-renowned services for the whole family. All types of dental services are offered at all locations, including orthodontics. Each location is equipped with an in-house dental laboratory, which allows us to offer our patients excellent lab-related services. Our practice also offers all the technical equipment need to facilitate state-of-the-art dental treatment: Among the treatments introduced were, for example, laser treatment, endodontics with a high-performance microscope, a zirconia milling system to produce zirconium dentures, and 3D X-rays with digital volume tomographs (DVT).